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Hydrogen & Clean Energy


The Hydrogen and Clean Energy Center is led by a group of faculty, scientists, and students clustered at the Statler College of Engineering, WVU, in the Wild and Wonderful mountain state of West Virginia.

Our Vision

We believe that our sophisticated society functions based on some very simple principles. We think that the appealing products in a simplified format would prevail over the complicated ones. We thus embrace the simplest and the very first element in the periodic table: Hydrogen. We believe that the following two simplest equations and their cycling will have endless resources from water, provide abundant electrical energy, and be one of the ultimate solutions for clean energy and clean climate.


Our Missions

With diverse expertise in materials science, mechanical, and aerospace engineering, we worked on the different aspects of hydrogen production, hydrogen transportation, hydrogen storage, hydrogen utilization, and the resultant reduction of carbon emissions. We further integrate the fundamental research of material science into energy conversion systems, including thermoelectric generators and solid oxide cells.

Our ultimate goal is to bring those cutting-edge fundamental research to everyone's daily life through the implantations, demonstrations, and deployments of advanced clean energy systems into electric vehicles, aircraft, and distributed power generation microgrids.

We greatly appreciate our collaborators who are leading scientists and engineers from national laboratories and industries. We always embrace and are thrilled to work with passionate teachers and talented students from K-12. Together, as we strive to contribute to the global research community on hydrogen and clean energy, we are building a stronger energetic foundation for our future scientists and engineers.

Key Sponsors

George B. Berry Chair of Engineering

George B. Berry Chair of Engineering


National Science Foundation


DOE-SOFC Program








Department of Defense



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